These people found some incredible things while doing something else

People are divided regarding luck: While some think it’s a divine thing, others are convinced that every person makes it day by day. Regardless of what you might think, the truth is that some of these people were minding their own business when they found an outstanding item. Isn’t that the definition of luck?

Went for a pool, stayed for the gold.

Fox News

Though some people might dream to have a pool in their backyard, this Austrian man found something more interesting. While excavating for such a thing, he found fossilized items, belt buckles, and over 200 golden rings from 650 years ago. 

O’er the land of the free and the gold for the brave

NBC News

The state of California was once the setting for the gold rush. And while it’s impossible nowadays to find miners with dreams of grandeur, a couple encountered something better in their backyard: A bucket with golden coins valued in $10 million.