These Photos Are The Definition Of Stupidity

We are surrounded by idiots, I’m pretty sure you are aware of that. They are everywhere, and maybe you are one of them without even realizing it. But there are people that go beyond what we may think is stupid. Way beyond. We are talking about brain dead stupidity. Life risking stupidity. Full-time stupidity. Look at these photos and feel better. You are much more intelligent than you think.


This is one of those photos that hurts when you look at them. I mean, there’s no way this could end up well for this guy, unless he is the supreme master of pulse, and he doesn’t look like it. 


Look, we can’t blame this guy. I mean, he didn’t want to push that truck. It was heavy and he would get dirty. I would do the same thing. You know what? He’s not the actual idiot in this picture. Everyone else is.