This is how your favorite stars looked like in High School


It’s hard to believe, but the bread and butter of Hollywood stars were once just gangly, uncoordinated teenagers with frankly questionable haircuts. Did you ever wonder what Harrison Ford looked like before stealing our hearts as the ruggedly handsome space cowboy Han Solo? Did Stanley Tucci ever have hair or did he come straight out of the womb with a shiny skull?Did Eva Longoria go through an awkward phase or was she always incredibly beautiful? (Spoiler alert: she was). You might think all these famous actors were earnest theatre kids during their high school years, but you’d be wrong: they were in fact involved in a variety of clubs and after-school activities like choir, student government, and sports. Which just goes to show, high school doesn’t define anyone – you might be a weird nerd now but can totally end up a shining star in the firmament of fame. Celebrities, they were just like us!

Blake Lively


Blake Lively was class president, part of the cheerleading squad, and in a competitive show choir – talk about a busy schedule! According to former classmates, she was also a bit of a class clown.


Chris Pratt


Chris Pratt was into high school sports and was popular with all of the school cliques; we can totally imagine him disrupting classes to make everyone laugh, including the teacher!