This Photoshop Master Responds to Photoshop Requests in the Most Hilarious Way

You are not very photogenic? Welcome to the club! I understand you. We are the ones that take a selfie thinking that we are looking fine and smiley and when we see it it looks like we are some kind of monsters. These 50 people took that to another level and asked Jamie Fridman, Internet’s favorite photoshop troll, for help. They were going to find out not only that you can’t ask a stranger for help, but also that they should accept themselves just as they are. Take a look and laugh at the awesome work of this photoshop genius. These people asked the wrong guy to improve their photos.



This is like a reverse photoshop. People always want to look younger, but he wants to look older. I don’t judge him, but I’m not sure if he is happy with the results.