Tricks that will simplify your life

“Small cause, great effect” – this is the motto of the 40 tips and tricks that will make a lot of easy handling in everyday life.

Here you will learn how to hit a nail into the wall without hurting yourself, how to pack valuables on the road, protect a pot of water from overcooking, and much, much more.


Glasses do not often fit into the dishwasher with their shape. To solve this problem and protect the glasses from breakage, simply attach them with a rubber band. The rubber band keeps the temperatures when washing.


You hurt yourself, but do not want to change your dressing after every show, then take a condom and protect your wound from moisture. The end you have to cut off and you already have a seat-tight, waterproof protection.


Fogged car windows are a thing of the past when you have a sock filled with cat litter in your car. The litter we absorb the moisture in the car and the discs remain dry.


No matching coin for the shopping cart? A key also does it.


Your laptop overheats after prolonged use, because your battery becomes too hot and no cooling is present. With an egg carton you can set it airy enough and the problem is solved.


Just no drink holder in the car at hand? No problem. A shoe does it too.


A picture hanging does not have to be complicated, with a normal canister and a screw you tinker a perfect hanging device.


Problem: microwave too small for 2 plates at a time – solution see picture 🙂


If you want to cook many eggs at once, you can also use your oven, put the eggs in the oven for about 15 minutes at 180 degrees and get a lot of perfect eggs.


Another tip for the oven: 2 round pizzas do not fit into the oven? Then apply this mathematical trick and the space in the oven is already used correctly.


In an emergency, eg. it is important to be able to breathe freely in the event of fire. A wet cloth in front of the nose is better than nothing, a bra with inserts even better.


If you want to run, and want to have your mobile phone for music, create a single sock from your drawer and create the simplest mobile phone holder in the world.


Who would have thought that a vacuum cleaner is the ideal tool to conjure up a lightning-fast head?


The spring is coming, the clothes we are scarce. If you do not want to wear a strapless bra, you can use this simple trick and no one will notice it.


You want to fill a bucket of water, but the sink is too small for the bucket? You can either use the shower or use this watery trick with a water bottle.


Optically bigger, better shaped breasts, by the right bra size and optimal fit


Brackets on clothes hangers can be used very well for the purpose, as here for the reclosure of broken potato chips.


Quickly a cold beer? With a moist napkin wrapped, each beverage is guaranteed to be ice cold after 15 minutes in the freezer compartment.


A prepared tennis ball is not only decorative but also a practical holder for all kinds of objects.


A tailor-made toilet paper roll can be used cost-saving and environmentally friendly for the rearing of all kinds of seedlings.


Place a cooking spoon across the pot. This will prevent the water from overheating.


With such a muffin shape made of paper, you prevent dripping ice from staining your clothes.


A traditional hanger bracket with brackets can be a fantastic and inexpensive alternative to expensive cookbook holders.


Thanks to these broths with painted mold, no hungry colleague will steal your delicious office.


Instead of throwing away toilet paper rolls, you can also use them to sort and store a wide variety of cables.


Fill finished pancake dough into a previously cleaned ketchup bottle. This will save you annoying smuggling.


An empty and clean bottle of suncream on the beach is the ideal hiding place for valuables brought along.


For a safe and accurate insertion of a nail, it helps to hold it easily with a clothes peg.


Muffin plates can be used as practical containers for grill accessories. In addition, less crockery is washed up.


Pull two stockings over the toilet seat if you want to avoid direct contact with it.


You want to light a fire, but do not have firewood? Tortilla chips are a perfect lighter.


Simply mark your keys with nail polish. This way, you will not get stuck together.


A plastic hanger closes your cleaning supplies and keeps them out of reach of children.


Freeze grapes and use them as ice cubes in the white wine, in order not to dilute it.


Slide two slices of toast into a toaster slot. The outside will be crispy, the inside will remain soft.


Cut-to-size toilet paper rolls are excellent as a cuff for wrapping paper rolls and prevent them from being unwound.


Rub with a walnut over damaged or worn areas on wooden furniture to cover it.


With a dustpan, containers can be filled with water that does not fit under the water tap.


Switch on the seat heating system in your car to keep the pizza warm on the way home.


No more opening of the zipper more thanks to this ring, which you can easily hang on the head of the trouser.


Do something unusual when closing the front door. So you will not doubt later that you have finished.


A halved floating noodle on the garage wall prevents the car door from being damaged during opening.


An elaborate crib can easily be converted into a highly original desk for your children.


Use the TV’s USB port in hotel rooms if you do not have a charger with you.


A photo of your refrigerator reminds you when you are buying which stocks should be replenished.