We don’t know if these people are creative or the worst solvers ever

Times are tough and money doesn’t grow from trees. That’s why so many people try to solve all the issues their homes, cars, or even their day-to-day lives might have. But, unless they have any background on problem-solving, the final result might be a little bit off, to say the least.

Think Tank

Navbharat Times

You might think that a car with a defective gas tank, but that’s because you’re not as clever as the person who designed this unique solution. After all, better to have a moving hazard than no truck at all, right? 

Tough like a log

Sunny Skyz

In case you don’t know, bumpers are made injecting a special polyurethane through a large molding. Unfortunately, you can’t buy a machine like that to build a replacement. But do you know what’s not expensive at all? Wood logs.